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Desert Glamping Experience Billion of Stars Package

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Desert Glamping Experience Billion of Stars Package



You have to come our Camel Safari Point and stay there for a while to start our journey of exploring the raw desert. We start our trip on Camel at 3 PM cruising on the desert ship exploring the real desert. we'll reach on Sand dunes and setup our camp and enjoy the photogenic sun set with some snacks and soft drinks, we'll cook our food from raw material with natural methods and enjoy the shade of twinkling stars and spend our night on dunes. Enjoy the sunrise with morning tea & breakfast on dunes then we'll reach the point where it all started.

Included >
  • Camel Safari 45 minutes
  • Sunset with snacks and soft drinks.
  • Dinner with bon fire.
  • Stay in mobile tent.
  • Sunrise in mobile tent.
  • Sunrise bed tea.
  • Healthy breakfast.
  • Water bottles.
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